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“If you are a member of the community now, you will be part of its history in the future.”

CALL TO PHOTOGRAPHERS ─ we invite you to enter our Aldergrove Memories Contest. Submit
up to six of your best Aldergrove boundary area photographs taken in either 2018 or 2019. You
do not need to be an Aldergrove community resident to enter this contest. Your photographs
will be received as a Deed of Gift to the Society and may be included in our Community
Archives. Pick from a variety of five categories to challenge your skills. Detailed information is
listed below. All photographs will be on public view at the Aldergrove Fair (July 19-20-21, 2019).


JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD 1st - display easel valued at $100.00: one adult (age 19 and over), one youth (18 years and
under), one PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD winner to be determined at the end of the Fair based on attendees’ votes.
JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD 2nd - black poster frame with plexiglass [20 x 30 in, 50 x 76 cm]: one adult and one youth.
First, second, and third place entries in each category will receive ribbons.


1. Landmarks (any man-made structure); landscapes and gardens (may include a view taken from Aldergrove).
2. Events; people (portraits must include the permission of the person photographed).
3. Animals (wild, domesticated, pets).
4. Tell a Story using a set of 3 or 4 photographs (each 4 x 6 in [10 – 15 cm]); crop as needed. Use a pencil to
lightly mark the correct order on the back of each photograph (1, 2, 3, 4). Please do not tape photographs
5. Then and Now (any subject/site) submit a copy of a photograph from past decades that either you or a family
member took with a current photograph of the same subject/site – please include dates with each. The Now
photograph must be taken within the Aldergrove boundary (see Guideline 1).


1. Take photographs in either 2018 or 2019 within the Aldergrove boundary (E/W Mt. Lehman Road to 240th
Street; N/S Fraser River to Zero Avenue). Exception: Category 5 “Then” photograph.
2. Take photographs with a camera or cell phone; photo editing software is acceptable.
3. Submit up to six photographs. Exception: Multiple photographs are required for Categories 4 and 5, but these
will be considered as one entry.
4. Submit photographs on any brand of “photo paper” (photograph size range: minimum 4 x 6 in [10 – 15 cm] to
maximum 8 x 10 in [20.3 – 25.4 cm]). Please do not write on the front or back of the photograph. Exception:
Category 4.
5. Each photograph must be taken by the person named on the Deed of Gift. Exception: Category 5 “Then”


June 12 to July 12 (10am to 5pm) deliver your photographs to the Telephone Museum and Community Archives–
3190 271 Street, Aldergrove. Call 604-857-0555 for directions or other dates and times. At the museum please
complete a Deed of Gift form (your name, address, contact number, age if 18 or under, and photograph

Disclaimer: The Society reserves the right to make copies of your photographs. Submitted photographs may be
selected for Alder Grove Heritage Society promotional material with credit to the photographer, e.g., calendars.
Find us on Facebook: Alder Grove Heritage Society page or at

Alder Grove Heritage Society | 3190 271 Street, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada, V4W 3H7
Telephone - (604) 857-0555